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Jodie Foster will star in Drew Pearce’s feature directorial debut, the near-future crime thriller “Hotel Artemis.” Simon and Stephen Cornwell are producing for The Ink Factory, which will also…
Jodie Foster receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame as Panic Room costar Kristen Stewart honors her with heartfelt speechThe Twilight star took to the podium and began: 'Jodie Foster was my favorite actress'

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    Post  Guest on Sun May 30, 2010 7:48 pm

    Am I allowed to re-post this here?
    What does it mean, JF is/was not at the reunion event? So this is either a surprize or as expected? I´ve seen POP today and it´s a nice film, but I can´t believe she skips Yale for it.


    So... where is she? LA or Yale? Probably LA...

    May 29 - only1Nikita: I'm at the movies to see the prince of Persia and Jodie Foster is sitting behind me

    May 29 - TreezyF80sBaby: *WORD ON THE STREET* Jodie Foster is here...

    May 29 - TreezyF80sBaby: ***YALE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1985 REUNION***

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    Post  Eugene on Sun May 30, 2010 8:42 pm

    May 29 - only1Nikita: I'm at the movies to see the prince of Persia and Jodie Foster is sitting behind me
    She was seen in the movies... Shocked Do you believe it? Does it look like the truth?

    Jack: What are you afraid of?
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    Post  Artful_Dodger on Mon May 31, 2010 7:26 am


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