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    Kung Fu (Alethea) 1973


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    Kung Fu (Alethea) 1973

    Post  Eugene on Fri Mar 05, 2010 8:13 pm

    Kung Fu Alethea (22 March 1973)
    Written by William Kelley
    Directed by John Badham


    Radames Pera ... Young Kwai Chang Caine
    R.L. Armstrong ... Clancy Pratt
    Regis Cordic ... Stoddard (as Regis J. Cordic)
    Khigh Dhiegh ... Shang Tzu
    Jodie Foster ... Alethea Patricia Ingram
    Dale Ishimoto ... Chinese Sergeant
    Lee J. Lambert ... Tork Witner
    Keye Luke ... Master Po
    Byron Mabe ... Cranch
    William Mims ... Jezdale
    Kenneth Tobey ... Sheriff Ingram
    Charles Tyner ... Larrabee
    Frank Wilcox ... Judge Moon

    Caine comes across nine-year-old Alethea, who is playing a mandolin while waiting for the stagecoach to take her to her uncle's house. Despite the racism of the adults present, they immediately become friends. When the stage arrives, two bandits attack it and kill the drivers, but Alethea believes that she saw Caine shoot one of the drivers. Alethea's uncle, Sheriff Ingram, arrests Caine, and despite her affection for him, Alethea tells the truth about what she saw, and Caine is convicted of murder.
    Alethea is sorry that telling the truth will hurt her new friend, but Caine assures her that telling the truth is important. When Caine is on the scaffold, Alethea stops the execution by claiming that she lied during her testimony, and only said that Caine was a murderer because he is Chinese. Caine is freed.
    Alethea is unhappy that she told a lie, but Caine offers to take the lie away from her. To do this, he tracks down the two bandits and captures them.

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    Re: Kung Fu (Alethea) 1973

    Post  Eugene on Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:49 pm

    Artful_Dodger wrote:I just wish Jodie was singing too.

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    Re: Kung Fu (Alethea) 1973

    Post  Artful_Dodger on Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:05 pm

    hugs listen

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    Re: Kung Fu (Alethea) 1973

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